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→ John, kann ich dich mal sprechen?; (could I've) a phrase inside your ear? → kann ich Sie bitte allein or unter vier Augen sprechen?; a word on the sensible → ein guter Rat; you took the phrases from my mouth → du hast mir das Wort aus dem Mund genommen; I wish you wouldn’t place text into my mouth → ich wünschte, Sie würden mir nicht das Wort im Munde herumdrehen; To place in or say a (very good) word for someone → für jdn ein gutes Wort einlegen; no one experienced a great word to convey for him → niemand wusste etwas Gutes über ihn zu sagen; without having a phrase → ohne ein Wort; don’t say or breathe a phrase over it → sag aber bitte keinen Ton or kein Sterbenswörtchen (inf) → davon; remember, not a phrase to everyone → vergiss nicht, kein Sterbenswörtchen (inf)

John by no means lists all of the Twelve Disciples and names at the least just one disciple (Nathanael) whose title will not be located in the synoptics; Nathanael seems to parallel the apostle Bartholomew found in the synoptics, as both are paired with Philip within the respective gospels.

In the synoptics the Main theme is the "kingdom of God", though John's topic is Jesus since the source of Everlasting life.

The structure is extremely schematic: you will discover 7 "indications" culminating during the elevating of Lazarus (foreshadowing the increasing of Jesus), and 7 "I'm" sayings and discourses, culminating in Thomas' proclamation of Jesus as "my lord and my God" - the identical title claimed via the Roman emperor Domitian. [30]

But theories of both full independence of or comprehensive dependence about the Synoptics are mainly turned down in existing scholarship: around the a person hand, factors like exclusive Johannine language, the lengthy discourses, along with the prologue over the Logos, are clearly exclusive to John; on one other, John Plainly shares a multitude of episodes with one other three.[23]

John Muir was extremely creative and he intended a drinking water-run mill to cut wind-felled trees, and he developed a little cabin alongside Yosemite Creek,[23]:207 designing it to ensure that a piece with the stream flowed via a corner from the area so he could benefit from the audio of operating water.

n (= device of language) → Wort nt; text → Wörter pl; (in meaningful sequence) → Worte pl; word division → Silbentrennung f; foreign phrases → Fremdwörter pl; phrase for term → Wort für Wort; (= just also) → wortwörtlich; chilly isn’t the term for it → kalt ist gar kein Ausdruck (dafür); “irresponsible” would be an even better phrase for it → „unverantwortlich“ wäre wohl das treffendere Wort dafür; text cannot describe it → so etwas kann gentleman mit Worten gar nicht beschreiben; outside of terms → unbeschreiblich; much too amusing for phrases → unbeschreiblich komisch; To place a person’s thoughts into words → seine Gedanken in Worte fassen or kleiden; inside a term → mit einem Wort, kurz gesagt; (not) in lots of words → (nicht) Check Out Your URL direkt or ausdrücklich; To paraphrase → mit anderen Worten, anders gesagt or ausgedrückt; in one’s very own text → mit eigenen Worten; the last term (fig) → der letzte Schrei (→ within an +dat); he had the final word → er hatte das letzte Wort; that’s not the phrase I might have picked out → ich hätte es nicht so ausgedrückt; inside the words of Goethe → mit Goethe gesprochen, um mit Goethe zu sprechen

sofa, redact, place, frame, cast - formulate in a particular fashion or language; "I would not set it like that"; "She Forged her request in pretty well mannered language"

anaphor - a phrase (for instance a pronoun) utilized to stay away from repetition; the referent of an anaphor is set by its antecedent

) на слове vziať za slovo prijeti koga za besedo držati nekoga za reč tro ngn på dennes ord เชื่อคนง่าย sözüne inanmak 相信並遵照某人的話 ловити когось на слові کسی کی باتوں پر مکمل اعتماد کرنا tin vào lời nói của ai 相信并遵照某人的话

Jesus' ministry (the "e book of signs" - John 2-12): The narrative of Jesus' community ministry is made of 7 miracles or "indicators," interspersed with prolonged dialogues and discourses and "I'm" sayings, culminating Along with the elevating of Lazarus from the lifeless.

In Mark, Jesus urges his disciples to maintain his divinity key, but in John it really is flaunted, even referring to himself as "I'm" - the title God provides himself in Exodus at his self-revelation to Moses.

1. In precisely Those people phrases; specifically: hinted at impending indictments but did not say it in a great number of phrases.

Even though James and John are notable disciples from the synoptics, John mentions them only within the epilogue, wherever They are really referred to not by title but given that the "sons of Zebedee."

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